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Jan Konetzki

Who we are

Konetzki is a new and influential label on the luxury F&B market, led by our founder Jan Konetzki. We are a boutique agency of F&B consultants, providing an outstanding set of services to some of the most discerning clients in the industry. Our focus is on bespoke solutions, always based on a careful analysis and an individual approach to your business case. Konetzki has unique understanding of the contemporary developments in the ever-changing market. With Jan being a major influencer himself, Konetzki sets new trends and standards in fine dining and overall guest experience.

Given Jan’s own background as one of the world’s leading sommeliers, the wine and beverage business is at the core of Konetzki’s competence, complemented by profound expertise in business areas throughout the F&B landscape. We are specialists for brand communication with an intimate knowledge of the UK and European luxury markets. Our agency also operates within a wider network of renowned expert partners in IT, PR and design.

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Jan is the founder and owner of Konetzki. Being one of the world’s leading sommeliers and F&B experts, he achieved his pole position through a unique combination of sensory talent and exceptional empathy. Though classical in style and manners, he always conducts a playful approach to his tasks. Jan knows how to blend zeitgeist with tradition, thus frequently breaking the conventions of his trade. At Konetzki we are living his spirit: a relaxed unwillingness to compromise in quality and highest appreciation of detail, all balanced by an unmitigated awareness of context and purpose.

Jan’s outstanding expertise evolved during a stunning career of fifteen years in high class gastronomy and hospitality, starting with an apprenticeship and first sommelier practice at Hamburg’s Louis C. Jacob hotel and restaurant, soon to be followed by rapid professional progress in London. Within three years he became head sommelier at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay. Since then Jan has been working with some of the most distinguished chefs in the industry, such as Gordon Ramsay, Anne-Sophie Pic and Clare Smyth. He is frequently referred to as one of the most creative and influential professionals in the trade and has been awarded the title of UK Sommelier of the Year four times. Beyond that, his work is receiving even wider recognition among experts and media, rating some of his wine lists as Best of Europe and Best of World. Jan himself is a member of various panels and juries.

In 2018 Jan embarked upon a new chapter of his career by founding Konetzki. As Château Latour and Artemis Domaines Ambassador he also represents one of the world’s most prestigious and renowned wineries. Furthermore, he holds the position of a Director of Wine with Four Seasons, defining the standards of the entire wine business at the London Ten Trinity Square Hotel and Private Club.

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Konetzki provides a set of unrivalled, bespoke solutions for the luxury F&B market. All konetzki projects are carried out with the direct involvement of our founder jan, who either personally manages or supervises your business case.